Backend Developer (Python)

You are a perfect candidate if

  • You are passionate about finance and trading (or a trader yourself)
  • You are passionate about the crypto industry (or a hodler yourself)
  • You are comfortable working in distributed teams
  • You are a perfectionist loving to make sure every minor detail is in the right order
  • You love documenting code and building robust systems

Your desirable stack


  • Strong knowledge in Python3 with Flask or Falcon
  • Experience working with cryptocurrency exchange APIs in the past
  • Experience with Stripe integration
  • Experience with Numpy is a +


  • Fluent English
  • Experience working in Jira and Notion
  • Experience working in distributed teams
  • Experience with SQLite is a +
  • Experience with developing AI (Pytorch, Timeseries and NLP) is a +
  • Knowledge about Trading Markets is a +
  • Degree in finance is a +

Submit your application and cover letter at [email protected]